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Hey! I’m Gillian,

As a registered Naturopath, Nutritionist, Herbal Medicine Practitioner + Lifestyle Coach, I use a holistic approach to help you achieve optimal health in all areas of your life. I focus not only on the physical body but also address what’s going on mentally and emotionally too as this is essential to achieve optimal well-being.

I work mainly with Nutrition & Lifestyle advice to help bring your body back to balance allowing you to live your best life. In my practice I also use medicinal herbs & neutraceuticals as well as Lab testing where necessary.

I work with you as an individual and create a plan that best suits your body, your needs and your  current lifestyle. We’ll look at where you are currently at with your health & wellness and what your goals are. We’ll work on a plan to for you to improve your nutrition, bring your body back to balance and have optimal health in a natural way.

Looking forward to supporting you on your Wellness Journey!


  • Holistic Nutrition & Lifestyle Consult

    Initial Consultation

    40 €
  • Holistic Nutrition & Lifestyle Consultation

    Follow-Up Consultation

    30 €


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