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Hi, I am Ilona Cepelakova, a board-certified Hypnotherapist.

My mission is to help people be empowered to live a fulfilling life, free from any subconscious limitations.
Through Holistic Hypnotherapy, I will walk you through the process of identifying and overcoming emotional traumas and limiting beliefs from the roots, so you can live a balanced joyful life aligned to your purpose and reach your full potential.

Through our sessions, I will get your mind and soul in shape to heal and stop the cycle of suffering.

In a state of Hypnosis, we can access the subconscious mind that governs up to 95% of our behaviour. It is where we store our emotions, memories, behavioural patterns as well as limiting beliefs.
While in Hypnosis, clients find themselves in a conscious relaxed state with heightened concentration, one similar to a deep meditation, when the subconscious mind is activated.
Therefore during Hypnosis we are able to address issues at their root and heal them.
As we release emotions, shift our perception of past traumas and rewire our experience, we are able to liberate ourselves from any limiting beliefs, negative thought patters, depression or other toxic behaviours.

Each session is 3hrs long and costs 150EUR. Generally 1-3 sessions are required to address a certain topic.

Issues addressed include the following:

Anxiety & Depression

Fears & Phobias

Unwanted behavioural & emotional patterns (low self-esteem, anger problems, repeating negative relationships etc)

Traumatic Experiences

Addictions & Negative Habits

Blocks in Key Areas of Life




  • Holistic Hypnotherapy

    Online Holistic Hypnotherapy, 3hrs session

    150 €
  • Holistic Hypnotherapy

    In-person Holistic Hypnotherapy, 3hrs session (currently available in Prague, at times Barcelona and Bali as well)

    150 €


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